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Dragon Ball Z Sagas (PC)

Huh...Hari Yang Panas.Di Rumah Bosen Mau Ngapain Mending Ngupdate Blog. Saya Akan Mengepost Game Dragon Ball Z Sagas Ini Feature Yang Ada Di Dragon Ball Z Sagas


  • Action/adventure style gameplay
  • Six playable heroes, including Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo, complete with their Super Saiyan/Super Namek forms as appropriate
  • Six extended missions covering the major plot points from the Saiyan Saga through the Cell Games Saga
  • Fight the big Boss enemies, including Raditz, Nappa, Captain Ginyu, Frieza, and Cell
  • Destructible environments that can be smashed apart
  • Authentic DBZ combat system, including Ki attacks, smash attacks, and tactical teleporting
  • Numerous secret areas, unlockable characters, and never-before-seen parts of the DBZ story
  • Upgradeable characters
  • Multiple game modes including Single player Adventure mode, Arena Arcade mode, and Team-based cooperative mode
Screen Shot Game:
System Requirement:
  • 1.5 GHz 
  • 128 Mb videocard 
  • 512 Mb RAM
Link Download:
Dragon Ball Sagas (Mediafire)

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